Dreamfarm Garject Lite

Dreamfarm Garject Lite

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The folks at Dreamfarm aren’t satisfied with kitchen utensils that serve a single purpose. In fact, they’re so in love with multi-tasking that every single utensil that comes from their design team is made to do lots of things at once.

The Garject is one such invention. Its design stands for one thing in particular: that it’s time to reject inferior garlic presses. All those presses that rust, that get garlic stuck in the holes, that are impossible to clean…it’s time to reject the lot of them! 

Alas, one garlic press rises from the ashes…the Garject Lite. The garlic press which easily presses your garlic, then ejects the rest! You don’t need to peel the garlic first, and the Garject also automatically scrapes excess garlic off as you open the handle after pressing.

So say goodbye to garlicky fingers, and say hello there to the Garject! 

Garject Lite features:
  • Designed in Australia. 
  • Lightweight nylon body with nylon scraper, prongs and eject button. 
  • Easily and completely presses multiple garlic cloves at once. 
  • No need to peel the garlic cloves first. 
  • Automatically scrapes excess garlic off and cleans itself as you open the handle. 
  • Simply push the ‘peel eject’ button to shoot the peel into the bin, rinse under water and the Garject is perfectly clean. 
  • Top rack dishwasher safe. 

Colour: Fire Truck Red.
Length: 19.5cm