Dreamfarm Ortwo Lite

  • $29.95

  • Dreamfarm Ortwo Lite is the lighter version of the world's first pepper mill that allows you to grind pepper, herbs, salt, and more with one hand, or two! Perfect for times when one of your hands are busy stirring a simmering pot, or dirty after prepping an avocado sandwich.

    The Ortwo features durable plastic handles with a custom designed ultra-sharp ceramic grinder to grind even the toughest peppercorn. Grind with one hand for convenience, or grind with two for increased speed!

    Coupled with a BPA-free plastic flat-bottomed spice jar that is easy to fill thanks to its wide mouth, this grinder has 6 adjustable settingsfor you to enjoy a super fine grind to a coarse grind, simply perfect for a large variety of spices!



    • Made from nylon, stainless steel, ceramic, and SAN plastic
    • Measures 6.14cm x 6.83cm
    • BPA-free
    • Ideal for one-handed grinding
    • Includes easy to fill spice jar
    • Ultra-sharp ceramic grinder
    • Anti-rust ceramic grinder
    • 6 adjustable grind settings
    • Crumb-catching lid
    • Dishwasher safe