Wilkie 2p Salad Serv Ceramic Mosaic Handles

Wilkie 2p Salad Serv Ceramic Mosaic Handles

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You always know you’re in for a treat, when you step up to a dining table artfully arranged with a crisp table cloth, fine glassware…and a full set of polished cutlery.

Complete this scene in your own home, with Wilkie Brothers cutlery. Inspired by their Scottish heritage, Wilkie Brothers’ simple, stripped-down designs perfectly complement the modern home; their utensils are wonderfully light and crafted from quality stainless steel. 

Mosaic Salad Serving Set features:
  • Designed in Scotland.
  • Made from stainless steel, with ceramic handles.
  • Includes large serving spoon and fork.
  • Presented in a Wilkie Brothers box.

Set Includes:
  • 29.5cm Serving Spoon.
  • 28cm Serving Fork.