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T-Leaf Bow Wreath - 18cm

T-Leaf Bow Wreath - 18cm

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A coordinating bow is the perfect finishing touch for the day's outfit, but finding the one you (or she!) really wants might be the most difficult part of the morning! We created this hair bow wreath to make it simple to keep all her bows in one place, safe from damage and ready to be selected for the next day out. Filled with her bow collection, it also creates a stunning decor piece for her bedroom wall encouraging the replacement of bows at the end of each day. Simply choose your preferred size and you can create a beautiful bow wreath just for her.


Beautiful clear acrylic wreath with printed design. Simply pop the hole over a hook to hang.

You can also add a Memory Drop Hook and/or a piece of leather as an alternative for hanging.

18cm - heart design - minimum 22 bows

Material: Clear Acrylic (please note that over time acrylic may scratch)


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