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Life In A Hollow

Life In A Hollow

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Age range 5 to 9

Who is home in the hollow?

Tree hollows are very special places that provide animals, both big and small, with a space to nest and feel safe.

Explore life in a tree hollow in the Australian bush and meet the native creatures who come to call a hollow a home. You'll be surprised just how many choose to move in!

You'll also discover the important role tree hollows play in the environment and how we can help protect them. Reading level varies from child to child, but we recommend this book for ages 5 to 9.

'In Australia almost 350 species of animal need a tree hollow for resting, nesting or hiding. This book is sure to pique curiosity, stimulate imagination, spark conversation and foster conservation, by illuminating the parade of diverse animals homed over the evolution of a single tree hollow. With dreamy illustrations and lyrical prose Life in a Hollow is sure to become a treasured go-to.' - Abbie Mitchell, author of A Hollow Is a Home (CSIRO Publishing, 2019)

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