Typhoon Living Compost Bin 2.5L Black

Typhoon Living Compost Bin 2.5L Black

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Keep your kitchen free from mess and garbage with the Typhoon Living Compost 2.5L . Perfect for storing compostable kitchen waste, this compost caddy will suit beautifully on your kitchen's countertop complementing it nicely. Including a removable liner that's easy to clean and 2 units of carbon filters to absorb any carbon-based impurities and odours, this compost caddy will surely become your new favourite thing!


Made from lightweight yet durable tin ideal for storing compostable kitchen waste

Comes with a removable plastic liner and two carbon filters to keep your kitchen odour-free

Has a 2.5L capacity perfect for creating a good amount of homemade compost

Suitable for keeping vegetable and fruit peelings, used coffee grounds, egg shells, and expired food items