Dreamfarm Teafu

  • $19.95

Unwind with a flavour filled brew of your favourite tea, made with the ingenious Teafu squeeze tea infuser by Dreamfarm! This fuss-free tea infuser is specially designed to make tea faster and enable you to squeeze out all the water once you’ve finished brewing and stand the Teafu on your bench without the risk of dripping. Simply squeeze the Teafu’s flexible silicone pod to force the water to circulate through your tea leaves and enjoy your tea sooner. It is perfect for all varieties of tea infusions and enables you to easily scoop tea leaves into the Teafu like a spoon. Equipped with an ergonomic handle, the Teafu by Dreamfarm ensures comfortable and easy tea brewing. It is available in red, green and blue and makes a wonderful addition to any tea-lovers kitchen.