Dreamfarm Supoon

  • $14.95

Scoop all the way to the base and edges of your jar with this super flexible Dreamfarm Supoon Scraping Spoon. It has a versatile silicone head that morphs into various shapes and a bent handle which allows you to place the spoon down on a counter without making a mess. An innovative all-rounder, it is perfect for mixing, stirring and serving tablespoonfuls and teaspoonfuls too.

Key Features:

    • Versatile cooking spoon that scrapes, measures (15ml tbsp and 5ml tsp), stirs, mixes, scoops and serves
    • Flexible silicone head with flat tip allows effortless food scraping from small jars or containers
    • Specially curved nylon handle keeps the spoon head up and off the bench
    • Premium-grade silicone is safe to use on non-stick cookware and heat resistant up to 260C
    • Ideal for measuring a perfect tablespoon and teaspoon as well as for serving condiments, dips, or tapas