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Mason Cash Lasagne Dish 2.5L

Mason Cash Lasagne Dish 2.5L

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The Mason Cash Innovative Kitchen Lasagne Dish has unique design features that bakes perfect quiches, flans and pies every time. Made from grey and cream glazed stoneware the quiche dish heats up gradually to give an even distribution when baking.

The base features raised areas that act as air vents to allow for better heat circulation when placed on a baking tray in the oven.

At 31.5cm long x 20.5cm wide x 7.3cm high the lasagne dish has been precision made to fit lasagne sheets perfectly, featuring right angled corners so that lasagne sheets don't have to be broken in order to fit them in snugly.

The lasagne dish also features steep high walls for higher layering and improved heat distribution.

Part of the Innovative kitchen range, Mason Cash have been producing world renowned classic kitchenware since 1800.


Product Length (mm) 310
Product Width (mm) 199
Product Height (mm) 75
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