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Mini Bento Box Kanga Crew

Mini Bento Box Kanga Crew

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Ideal for picnics, daycare, kinder, or grown-ups snacking on the go, our Mini Bento Box saves precious real estate in your bag and avoids pesky single-use plastics.

A removable tray with 4 compartments and a silicone seal makes it easy to maintain freshness and prevent leaks with things like yoghurt and dips.

You can pack a variety of different foods in this versatile lunch box without them contaminating each other, which is extra helpful when feeding fussy eaters. 

Catch this in our Mini Bento + Mini Insulated Lunch Bag Combo!

  • Fill the compartments of the food tray with your little one’s favourite foods — how about pretzels, yoghurt, fruit, and cut-up sandwiches?
  • The silicone seal is removable. To re-insert just click into the inside of the lid — it's made to align with the tray
  • Shut the box, firmly clip down the lid, and off you go!
  • If you’re going to be out all day, why not pop it into one of our insulated lunch bags to keep everything nice and cool? 
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